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12 Angry Men (1957)

There is plenty here to suggest that the accused isn’t guilty but the Lumet’s film is a classic because there is doubt.  Technically, the film is perfect with every camera move, line and actor precisely aligned and it succeeds in it’s intention by refusing to resort to sentiment.  A lesser film would have justice being done by arriving at the correct verdict, 12 Angry Men has the conviction to arrive at the one the law demands.


Miracle Mile (1988)

Anthony Edwards and the end of the world… what’s not to like?  Miracle Mile is one of those cult movies that you stumble across at midnight then spend the next week trying to remember the name of that one where a guy in a diner answers a payphone and is told that the missiles have been launched and world ends in seventy minutes.  Part John Hughes, part Strangelove this is an oddity to cherish.

The Proposition (2005)

Danny Huston is elemental in this brutal outback western from director John Hillcoat and screenwriter Nick Cave.  Guy Pearce is excellent as the outlaw who must kill his older brother (Huston) to save his younger brother, Ray Winstone brings all his presence to the lawman offering this devil’s bargain and the seasonal setting makes this one of the most brutal Christmas movies around.

The Game (1997)

Here is a film that can be read in many ways; a Fight Club warm up for Fincher with a protagonist reaping the therapeutic benefits of hitting rock bottom, the most extreme chapter in Michael Douglas’ continual, career-long performance essay on the downfall of the conservative American male, a satire on the building block construction of genre thrillers…  here is a film to enjoy re-watching.