Excision (2012)

‘Excision’ is a teen horror-comedy gone very wrong but in a good way. AnnaLynne McCord, from the recent 90210 reboot, is unrecognisable as Pauline, a teenager who revels in deviating from the norm. Seemingly untroubled by the the bullies both at home and in school, Pauline is totally content in her own skin and demands life on her own terms. The only positive relationship in Pauline’s life, the one with her terminally ill sister, gives the audience the hope of a redemptive arc but the films overall nightmarish tone points to a different outcome. In any other film Pauline would start as the ugly duckling and then slowly flower into a beautiful swan, getting her revenge on the ‘beautiful people’ along the way. ‘Excision’ decides to tread a far murkier path and Pauline’s dark, surgically erotic, dreams point to a horrifying and devastating climax that, if your stomach can handle it, will blow you away. You have been warned. 


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